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Granville Bradshaw - A Flawed Genius? 2nd Edition

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Granville Bradshaw

"Highly recommended reading, especially for the historically and mechanically minded" Jacquleline Bickerstaff in

"Intricate detail, fascinating images - its not diffiult to get totally absorbed in this book. A great read for any enthusiast"  Old Bike Mart

 "The many achievements of Granville Bradshaw...a very detailed biography"

"Carefully Researched...well illustrated...the motorcycle content alone makes it well worth the asking price" Ian Kerr, 


A remarkable picture of one of Britain’s most prolific inventors. Granville Bradshaw was an engineer and inventor of extraordinary vision. His designs for early aeroplanes and engines (The Dragonfly), pioneering cars and motorcycles (ABC) quickly brought him fame. His gambling machines made him a fortune which he then managed to lose in a shares swindle! His life spanned the entire development of aviation and motor industries from the very early days right up until the classic era of the ’50s. This is a really detailed and absorbing book full of insight and careful research which places Bradshaw’s engineering genius into the context of his time.

About the second edtion
Although the basic facts on Bradshaw’s life remain unchanged, this second edition includes substantial new material especially on Walter Adams, an influential engineer of his time, and of his early aero-engine work which led to the partnership with Bradshaw at ABC.  Some 50 new photos and illustrations have also been included.

Barry M Jones is a former industrial engineer and well known author and biographer on the history of British design and engineering. Previous publications have included The Panther Story: the story of Phelon & Moore; Editor of The Rugged Road by Theresa Wallach and her biographer; The Village Bus Remembered, and several works on the British tape-recorder industry.

Aero engines
ABC Radial engines
ABC Powered aeroplanes
Post-war ABC aero-engines
ABC motorcycles
The Sopwith-ABC motorcycle
Oil cooled motorcycles
Bradshaw’s prophecies
Phelon & Moore
ABC cyclecar
Inventor extraordinaire
Bradshaw at war
Peoples car
Bradshaw pulsation motor
Toroidal engines – Project Omega
Wankel opposition engine
Twin-toroidal gas generator
Conclusions - patentee extraordinaire
Appendices: Walton Motors

Granville Bradshaw: A Flawed Genius? 2nd edition - Barry M Jones
First published October 2008. 2nd Edition published October 2012
Softcover, 189 x 246 mm, 313 pages, 250+ illustrations
ISBN 9780956497574 £25.00 includes UK p&p, Europe add £4.50, Rest of World add £12.00 for p&p

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