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Hold ON!

Stan Dibben, World Champion Sidecar Rider Hold On by Stan Dibben 

The short film, No Ordinary Passenger about Stan Dibben's life won the Best Short Film category at the Motorcycle Film Festival recently. The full story of Stan's life is available as an E-book (sorry the printed edition has sold out and is now out of print)

"More to Stans's book than just sidecars...he's the patron of the Cairns Motorcycle Restorers Club ... a very entertaining read and well worth adding to your library" Jim Scaysbrook in Old Bike Australia

"A remarkable life..." Classic Bike

 "An amazing man.. remakable insight into the world of sidecar racing and the British motorcycle industry. Well illustrated and well written...a long overdue treasure." Jonathan Hill in The Classic Motorcycle

"Excellent colour pictures and common sense views on the Bluebird Land Speed Record attempt make interesting excuse for not getting a copy" Mike Stanton, Speed Record Club magazine

Stan lives life not just to the full, but right on the edge! There are no words to describe someone who has been a world champion sidecar rider – the one just barely in the sidecar, balancing the machine with his body at 150mph! Even more amazingly, by then Stan had already been a professional trumpet player, electrician and sailor as well as a highly respected motorcycle racer on the GP circuit. He worked with some of the well known names at both BSA and Norton, raced the first ever Dommie Racer, helped in the successful world land speed record set by Donald Campbell in Bluebird, and then became the man who did so much to introduce NGK spark plugs into the UK. He even designed supermarket trolleys that handled ‘like a Ferrari’! This is the remarkable story of an amazing man who has managed to fit more fun and adventure into his years than most of us would even dream of. His story is uplifting, and a remarkable insight into the world of sidecar racing and British industry. A book that will fill not just fill you with wonder, but one that will also open your eyes on a now rapidly fading era.

Foreword by Allan Robinson MBE
Foreword by George Cohen
Rude awakenings
There’s a war on!
A war in uniform
Back to civilian life
Into the motorcycle industry
Sidecar racing
Out of racing and into industry
The sidecar passenger (ballast)
Bluebird and the 1964 Land Speed Record attempt
A whole new life
Shopping trolley folly
Family life
Final thoughts

Hold ON! - Stan Dibben, World Champion Sidecar Rider
March 2008
This book is now out of print but an E-book version is available with additional photos compared to the print version. See Ebooks

Softcover, 234 x 172 mm, 128 pages, 113 illus, 31 in colour
ISBN 978-0-9556595-1-5


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