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Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1: The Engine for BSA C15, B25, B44, B50 and Triumph TR25w
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Panther Publishing


Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual


"I recommend this book ..." The Star (BSA Owners Club magazine)

"Anyone embarking on a rebuild of a BSA unit single will get a wealth of tips from the Rupert Ratio Manual." Classic Bike

"If you have a sick or senile BSA, try this book." VMCC Magazine

"Bottom line is that if you are even thinking of wrenching on your BSA Unit Single, you need this book." BSA Southern California Magazine

The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1: The Engine for BSA C15, B25, B44, B50 and Triumph TR25w  is the new updated version of the previously published Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual.

This new edition is identical to the previous book but has an additional section which provides some further information on the Vertical Oil Pumps, Low Oil Pressure, B50 Oiling, C15 and B40 Steel Flywheels, Wide Ratio Gears; C15/B40 Distributor Engine Inner Timing Cover 1959 to 1964, Clutch Centre Base Plate, B25 Tuning Tips, and Tuning Tips to make the 'umble ceefer fly.

Armed with this book even the least experienced 'spanner man' will be able to not only rebuild a BSA Unit Single, but make it go better and more reliably than even BSA thought possible! This book quite literally takes the BSA (and Triumph) Unit Single engine apart, then it shows how to rebuild the engine correctly. The book includes wiring diagrams, complete specifications, hundreds of illustrations, a wealth of invaluable advice and tuning tips to make your unit single perform!

The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1: The Engine will also be of interest to all BSA enthusiasts since it charts the development of one of the last and most successful machines to come out of Small Heath. Long after the factory closed Unit Singles were still a competitive force in trials and motocross riding and many are still used for that purpose today.

Rupert Ratio is a long time contributor to the journal of the BSA Owners Club, The Star, on technical matters relating to BSA Motorcycles. He is also one of the many 'Agony Uncles' for membes of the club, i.e. a technical consultant who can offer advice and assistance to club memebers when their beloved Beesas are beset by mechanical afflictions. He carries out the latter role under his real name, Dave Smith, who is a design technology teacher by profession.

The Unit Single Saga
Unit single quick stripdown guide
Preparation of aluminium castings
Lubrication system
Main bearings
Crankshaft and conrod assembly
Timing side
Kick start mechanism and outer timing cover
Primary drive
Cylinder and piston
Cylinder head
Engine breathing
Electrical system
Life with a B40
Exploded engine drawings
Appendix: Rupert Ratio engine stand

For everything else click here for The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual Volume 2: Everything But The Engine and Volume 3 Lesser Known Models

Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1: The Engine
July 2014
paperback, 171 x 248 mm, 275 pages, 300 illustrations
ISBN 9781909213166, £16.95 includes UK p&p, Europe add £3.00, Rest of World add £8.00 for p&p

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