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A Third Wheel: the eccentric alternative - a guide to sidecars and trikes

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Almost everyone has a fascination with sidecars and trikes. Eccentric, even distinctly odd perhaps, but who hasn’t experienced the urge to take a closer look, possibly even to ride one - if only once! This book is a guide for those willing to take that plunge into the unknown and fit a sidecar or convert a bike to a trike. It takes the reader through the types of bike that are suitable, (old British singles to modern Japanese and US superbikes), the kinds of sidecar and trikes available and their advantages and disadvantages, how to fit them and set them up and how to ride and enjoy them for what they are – neither motorcycle nor car but something uniquely different, strangely practical and immense fun! There is also a very detailed guide to trike and sidecar suppliers, accessories and a myriad of websites for further help, advice and information. This is a perfect book for all sidecar and trike enthusiasts and all those just interested in these wonderfully eccentric vehicles. Complete with a great many photos from the earliest sidecars to today’s remarkable and luxurious three wheel machines.

Simon Potter hails from the Channel Isles and is an accomplished author of academic audio books, poetry, technical works, a novel and articles for papers and magazines. He is a member of the Society of Authors. Simon is heavily involved with amateur dramatics and has directed nearly fifty plays and musicals. He piloted his first trike (a Villiers powered Barford) at the age of twelve and has seldom been without two- and  three-wheelers of some sort since 1972, driving and riding solo all over Europe and North America. He is a long-term member of The Federation of Sidecar Clubs and the Hedingham Sidecar Owners’ Club. Simon perhaps rather wisely, is married to his earliest sidecar passenger and now lives in SW London.



What bike for your chair?

What about a trike?

Trike manufacturers and suppliers

Which sidecar for your bike?

Sidecar manufacturers and suppliers

What and how much to modify

Preparing and driving your conversion


Sideacr and trike contacts from the UK, Europe, USA and Asia 

A Third Wheel - Simon Potter


146 pages, 200 illustrations approx, 234x172mm, Softback, ISBN 978 0955659577,

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